Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Day Stationery: Escort and place cards

(Above photos courtesy of Bella Figura)

So, now that you have gorgeous programs that are cohesive with your beautiful invitation suite and you've set the bar at your wedding for beautiful paper, what's next? Well, after the ceremony, many couples have a cocktail hour or brief interlude between the ceremony and the reception/meal/party. It is during this next phase of the event that you'll want to direct guests to their tables at the reception using escort cards. Escort cards literally escort your guests to their table and should continue the design and cohesion of your wedding day paper to give a polished, pulled-together look.

(all photos above courtesy of Bella Figura)

There are all sorts of fun ways to display escort cards; you can direct guests using lines of tented cards or cards strung up on twine tied between trees or frames full of pinned-up cards. The options are kind of endless, but it does take some creativity so don't leave this detail to the last minute. The best displays take a bit of forethought and planning.

(Above photos: first 2 courtesy of Bella Figura, third photo by Michelle Van Tine Photography found on Style Me Pretty, fourth photo by Lori Studios found on Style Me Pretty.)

Once your guests find their tables, you'll need
place cards if you are doing assigned seating at each table. These little cards show guests exactly which seat is theirs. Flat or tented, they should be displayed at each setting for clear visibility.

(Above photos: first photo by W Scott Chester Photography found via Style Me Pretty, second photo by Olivier Lalin found via Style Me Pretty)

As Whitney mentioned in the last post on wedding day stationery, the first step to creating a polished suite of wedding day paper is making an appointment! Give us a call or shoot us an email ( and we'll set a time to sit and discuss all the lovely details for your big day!

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