Friday, September 2, 2011

Morning Guys & Gals!

Hey there you - you lovely people... enjoying your lovely long weekend... in this beautiful sunshiny weather.

We've been getting LOTS of new lovely in at the shop over the past few weeks - but I specifically want to talk today about a few new goodies w've recently received for all of you back-to-school, jazz-up-that-home-office fanatics!

As many of you have already noticed, we have the first of our 2012 calendars hanging around the shop. After having an incredible calendar season last year (we are so lucky to have such fab vendors!!) it only made sense to expand our offerings this year. My favorite desk calendar so far is this one from The Found.

Each month has the sweetest little designs of different pups - they sort of have a collaged quality and are very unique. We already need to place a re-order and they've only been in the shop for about a week!!

And it's a toss-up for my favorite wall calendar. I can't get enough of Rifle Paper Co. lately, and really love the light, perfect palette of her Botanicals calendar. I'd want to cut the pages out and frame them for my powder room (if I had a powder room) at the end of the year :)

For those of you who have headed back to school, or who have kiddos who are back in the classroom this fall. These goodies are for you - to help you keep cool, calm, and collected during the rush of the academic year.

We recently ordered Paddywax's Library Collection for the shop - just to try some new everyday candles and diffusers. These are 100% hand-poured soy and come in the most beautiful little canvas covered boxes. What I love about these candles though is their comfy-cozy scents. Each scent is fashioned after a famous author, and their mix of floral and spice is just perfect to get you ready for the crisp leaves and blustery days that we have ahead! (Can you tell I'm hankering for it to officially be Fall?)

We also have some lovely little glass jar diffusers that mimic the Library scents - perfect for those of you who aren't big candle burners!

New page flags are in from Girl of All Work, perfect to use to keep your place in that new novel you started or to mark that roasted vegetable ratatouille recipe in Food & Wine magazine. Or for those of you heading back to school, these page flags work wonders when it comes to demarcating important text or quotes for paper-writing and studying purposes. Think of how much neon highlighter ink you'll avoid - and how pristine your books will look when you go to sell them back at the end of the year!

So imagine yourself - planning out your week and marking up your new calendars with lunch dates and business appointments, coming home to a beautifully scented candle, a good book (marked with your page flags!), and a cup of spiced cider. Yes I said spiced cider. And I was thinking a little pumpkin whoopie pie too. Summer's just about over pals... let's face it.

And who wouldn't want cider and a snack off of these pretty ceramics by Rob Ryan?

:) Alright, alright... enough, enough. I know you're all bummed that the summer's coming to an end. But with all of these beautiful goodies, how could you not be pumped for getting back to the grind?! I'm going to make a list in my beautiful new Russell & Hazel Agenda of all of the things I'm looking forward to this fall!

Ok, I'm done. Sorry... :) sorta...
Talk soon dearies!

XO much love,

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