Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Woo hoo!! We're winners!

Hey y'all! Guess what? We recently won the 2011 Bella Figura Design Contest! Pretty rad, right? We thought so! Check out the post HERE. Bella chose the two designs above that we did for our fabulous clients, Sarah & Peter, as their winning custom design. We couldn't be happier!

As you all know, we adore working with clients from near and far to do completely custom letterpress design and also to customize designs from albums from some of the country's top design companies. From the start-from-scratch custom design that we offer to working off an album design, one of the things that Whitney, Liz and I really bring to the table (if I do say so myself) is creativity and a can-do! attitude when it comes to customizing. We love love love listening to clients describe their vision for their event(s) and then translating those thoughts into paper perfection. For many brides and grooms to be, sometimes the trickiest part of looking through wedding invitation designs is envisioning just how they can change things to reflect their unique personalities and events more closely. Well, that's really where we come in and what makes working with us such a fun and collaborative process!!

During a private appointment, we'll talk about all the lovely details that make up you both, your event and your aesthetic. From there, we'll help you navigate the ins and outs of customizing and designing the perfect suite. We love brainstorming and helping clients come up with the best solution for any number of challenges and our backgrounds in design help us visualize all sorts of options that you might not think of on your own.

Take the contest-winning design we created for Sarah & Peter, for example. We started with this invitation as inspiration (the Harbor Beach design from Bella Figura):

And ended with this:

Sarah & Peter wanted to do something nautical-inspired, but didn't want to go the typical motif-themed route. So, using colors and some captain-inspired fonts, we turned a preppy nautical suite into a hip seaside-ready invitation perfect for their swanky Maine affair. Sometimes simple changes like fonts and colors can really turn things around!

And, this is just a small example of how customizing a design can turn a good start into EXACTLY!! Design is what we do. It's what we love and it's our greatest strength when it comes to helping you get the paper suite of your dreams. o, contact us to set up an appointment and let the fun begin!

(all photos courtesy of Bella Figura)


  1. Yeah to you and to PSC and SF for coming up with such a fun and not-so-nautical design!