Thursday, May 10, 2012

calling all custies! calling all custies!

Afternoon pals!

Just a quick reminder that if you haven't stopped in to grab yours, the best of our Mother's Day card selection is going quick! We just got a last little pick-me-up order from Rifle Paper Co. and Eggpress - but after those are gone, you're going to be in the hand-made mother's day card business, people!

Not that that's the worst business to be in.
We love being in the card business...
But, I just wasn't sure that you'd be interested in changing careers at the present moment ;)

Just kidding pals - you know we'll always take care of you in the greeting card department, come hell or high water!

We also have lots of lovely little gifties for you to give to Mama Bear to show her just how much you love & appreciate her...

Like these beau-ti-ful foil stamped notebooks we just got in from you know who...

And my all-time-favorite, hand-printed tea towels from Miss. Claudia...

Or maybe a bright new Pantone mug for her to sip her coffee in.
She could also make minute-microwave Rice Krispie treats in on of these mugs...
I haven't told you about those?!! Oh geez, I can't hold out now...
Take 1 large mallow and a handful of krispies - or your favorite dry cereal - and pop in a mug.
Zap them suckers for 15 seconds or so and mix... done and done!
Dangerous, right?!

And of course we can wrap all the goodies up for you with some bright, lovely patterned gift wrap!

So will you please come see us, before it's too late?!
Talk to you later.
And if you want to bring some mallows along, and dry cereal, the gals here at the shop would appreciate it very much. We might even make a batch of treats to share... I mean, you are the one supplying the ingredients after all!

Lots of love to you and all the Mamas out there who we love and aspire to be like, someday!
:) Lizzy

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  1. Fun to see you will wrap mother's day present with Pikku paper and cotton ribbons! great selection, I would love to receive some on Sunday!