Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Hope you're all gearing up for an AWESOME long weekend! It's so good to have the gals back from New York, although we are all already back to the busy bustle around the shop and Whit's cranking at the press. We keep asking ourselves where in gosh darn heck the month of May went. Do you guys have any idea? If so, please tell May we'd like it to come back to us. PRON.TO. TON.TO and LICKITY SPLIT!

I don't have any major plans for Monday, which is the best kind of plan to have in my humblest of opinions. But I wanted to make sure you all knew that it's not just me who won't be having plans on Monday. Sam and Whit and Laura-loo will also be away from the shop, maybe sipping lemonade with their pups and hopefully enjoying some sunshine (with proper the sun guard and floppy hats, of course.)

So that's that pals, we'll be closed for Memorial Day. I hope that you all have a chance to sit back and relax on Monday. Spend time with family and friends. Take it easy. And most importantly, I hope that you have the chance to take some time and contemplate what the day means to you (outside of how delicious food tastes off the grill). There are a lot of really, incredible people out there - all over the world and also right here in our local communities - who serve and have served our country to keep us all safe. I am amazed, daily, by the sacrifice they make for us and as frustrated as I often feel about the present tone in American politics, I can't help but feel so incredibly fortunate for the rights and freedoms that so many men and women out there work tirelessly to uphold. I hope that Monday you have the opportunity to free your mind of all the knitty-gritty that life serves up, and spend a moment or two in silence being thankful for all that we do have, and for all of the people who have fought and died for us.

Happy Memorial Day weekend pals, lots of love and thoughts to you and your families, and see you around at Gus & Ruby soon, soon, soon!!
xo Lizzy

Oh, and P.S. we will be back next week with some seriously awesome updates on new goods that will be popping up in the shop over the course of the summer. The show was INCREDIBLE and we are so impressed, as always, with the caliber of work that all of our favorite companies manage to dream up. You guys will be seriously struck too, just wait! xo

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