Sunday, November 15, 2009

On E-sessions.

(Photo by William Tangorra)

As I've mentioned before, one of the best best best parts of my job is getting to meet so many fun, fabulous people every day. From moms-to-be in to look at birth announcements, to uber-talented wedding vendors to blushing brides, my day is filled with the most wonderful women and men I could hope to work with and for.

Whitney and I so relish the relationships we are forming with our customers and vendors. Many of the people we work with now have become true friends and we're so grateful for that. We stay in touch with so many of them and get to hear all about the updates on their lives as wedding planning continues, babies are born and businesses grow. It's truly wonderful.

One of our lovely brides-to-be, Olivia, was kind enough to send Whit and I the proofs from her recent engagement photo session. She knows we live for this stuff. Thanks, Liv! Her wonderfully-talented photographer, William Tangorra, took some pretty amazing photos. Isn't she gorgeous? Her invitations are going to be pretty nice, too :)

(Three photos above all by William Tangorra)

Looking through Olivia's photos got me thinking about engagement photo sessions. I love the idea of documenting not only the wedding, but all the love and romance of being engaged. I really believe in relishing all the wonderful parts of deciding to spend your life with someone. It's a pretty amazing thing to find a partner in this world that you want to spend life with so why not enjoy each and every part of declaring that love? Love it up, I say!

Some of my favorite e-session shots from my favorite photographers:

(Photo courtesy of Brea McDonald)

Loving this candid snap above from Brea McDonald.

(Photo above and below courtesy of Emilie Inc. Photography)

As always, spectacular, personal and emotion-filled photos above by Emilie Sommer of Emilie Inc. Photography.

(Photo above by Ned Jackson)
A sweet, quiet moment above by Ned Jackson. That couple totally looks like they are thinking about what to do for their invitations. Great news, cute couple, I can help!

(Photo above and below by Shyla)

The amazing Shyla goes incognito to capture an actual engagement! Shyla goes above and beyond (and in camo!) for her art. I'm totally in love with this hot-and-steamy barn engagement session from her. Ohmygosh don't these two just look like characters out of a movie? A really awesome, love-filled movie.

(Photo courtesy of Shyla)


  1. (Cough, cough). Wonder when we'll be doing one of these for you, Sam, eh?!

  2. Well we can be sure you'll be the first person to know whenever that day comes. My phone call list:
    Mom, Whitney, YOU! :)

    I wanted to put some more of your photos in this post but for some reason my computer has been having trouble loading your blog so I couldn't grab them. :(

  3. I can't wait for that day... and that photo session... and that wedding! You should book a date with Emilie now, just to be safe.