Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gobble, gobble!

(Greeting card photo courtesy of Dee & Lala)

I love Thanksgiving. It's maybe my favorite holiday. It's a holiday centered solely around being thankful for what you have and eating a huge amount of food. I can totally get behind those concepts.

Whitney and I have dressed our little windows in Thanksgiving style (come see!) and have been feeling very thankful recently for all our blessings. A few of my most favorite Thanksgiving-y items at the store right now:

These fabulous imprintable flats by Snow & Graham would make lovely invitations for a Thanksgiving dinner party.

One of my favorite parts about the chilly weather is being cozy with a warm blanket, good book, and hot apple cider. These cuddle cider sachets by Chewing the Cud make over 3 gallons of spiced cider!

There is something so special about setting a holiday table complete with hand-written place cards. We've got quite the assortment of fabulous designs to choose from right now!

Oh man, I love Uncooked cards. They are so freakin' funny.

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  1. um, warm apple cider and whiskey this weekend or what?