Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 Gift Guide: 2011 Agendas

Everyone needs one. And, everyone deserves a fabulous, functional one. Agendas = perfect gifts for the organized, busy, time-crunched list-makers in your life.

A few of our absolute faves:

The MyAgenda (by MomAgenda)
This fabulous, chic agenda has a huge following. We love the fab colors and chic design as well as the functional monthly and weekly views.

The WhoMi Agenda
Perhaps my personal favorite agenda - this clever organizer has it all: monthly views, big space for weekly planning, color coded sections to help organize your busy schedule and a durable, wipe-able, secure to prevent that mid-year tearing after days of being tossed in your bag. LOVE!

The Moleskine Weekly Diary/Planner
This tried-and-true hardcover planner is the perfect go-to agenda for any guy or gal. With it's minimalist design, functional layout, address-book insert and hard cover, it's truly a workhorse agenda. There is a reason Moleskine devotees won't use anything else - they are simply fabulous products.

(All photos courtesy of MomAgenda, WhoMi, and Moleskine)

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