Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 Gift Guide: Grab Bag Gifties!

(Walking retro tin robot - perfect for your cube-mate or wacky uncle! $17)

Office party? Neighborhood swap? Aunt Edna who you haven't seen in 10 years? We all have those occasions when we need to give gifts to friends and family and coworkers who we might not know all that well. Well, fear not friends, we've got little gifts that will make your friends, laugh, make your grandmother proud of your gift-giving skills and you off the hook!

For the office party:

(Inner truth mugs. Talk about good water-cooler chatter! $12)
(Slang flashcards. $14)

(Hilarious pocket books. $12)

For your aunt (or babysitter, or yoga teacher, get the picture):

(Beautiful Aquiesse, hand-poured soy candles. LOTs of scents and sizes. $14-$40)

(Die-cut note blocks and sticky cubes. Many designs and patterns! $8-$16)

(Illustrated Buy Local tea towels (calendar and other designs available, too!) $18)

For your neighbor hood holiday gift swap:

(Fabulous recipe and idea book for hosts and hostesses alike! $19.95)

(Deck of delicious holiday-inspired cocktail recipes! $13.95)

(Fabulous 3-piece wine kit. Perfect for the budding sommelier. $28)

(Brain teasers, riddles and conundrums. Excellent party favor to break out and play with friends! $13.95)

For your college roommate/favorite pal/little sis:

(Silhouette Art and Paper + Craft how-to books. Dozens of ideas, instruction and tips for the artist in us all. Hello, home-made wall art! $18.95 and $19.95)

(Recipes, adorable liners, decorating tools and tips. Basically a party in a box! $19.95)

(Ceramic mug for the working guy or gal. $12)

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