Thursday, April 28, 2011

100% obsessed with Zeichen Press.

Turns out that Whitney and I have twinsie counterparts in Minneapolis, MN. Their names are Fran Shea & Jen Shea and they are the lovely ladies who run Zeichen Press and are the creators of our newest line of greeting cards. A line that we have become totally obsessed with. And I mean, totally.

It's clear that Jen, Fran, Whitney and I are sisters from another mister because, well, the cards could be direct lines from Whit and my daily conversations and they literally are lines from Jen & Fran. Soo....we're all besties and they don't know it yet. It's as though these talented ladies have crawled into our demented, weirdo brains and crafted fabulous cards from our odd thoughts. We love them. I think you will too (well, if you're sort of weird, like we are).

Check out a few of our favorites and then stop by the shop to stock up, because I'm going to go ahead and guess that these will be selling out pretty darn quickly.

(all photos and aweomeness courtesy of Zeichen Press)

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