Wednesday, April 20, 2011

chick-a-dee peepers and hidden eggs...

Just a quick reminder everyone - EASTER is this upcoming Sunday (I know - HOLY CANOLI! how did that happen?) You better get to hiding those eggs... and making those delicious hams and mashies... and writing your snuggle bunnies some little notes to tell them how much you love 'em and adore 'em and just want to give them a big ole' smooooocheroooo!

I am particularly enamored with these hidden bunnies from Rifle Paper Company.

And what's not to love about these intricate designs pressed into lush cotton paper by Fine Day Press and Dee&Lala?!

But hurry in quick ladies and gents ;) these lovelies are going quick!

Have a fantastic week, and we'll chat soon!

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  1. What an adorable blog! Love it, didnt even know you gals were doing one... Excited to read more.