Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Augustus!!

(The big birthday boy in all his birthday glory)

Today - let's all take a moment to wish the man in my life a very Happy 4th Birthday!

Dear Augustus (AKA Gus/Gussy/Bubba/3Bean Salad/Hairy Monster),

You are the very best thing of all time. I love you to no end. Stop growing up, ok?


Photos from the very first day I held you:

Here you are when I first picked you up at the airport after a long flight from Florida (where you were born):

The very first moment we met. I was smitten; you were exhausted and promptly fell asleep:

Meeting your Grampa for the first time in Marblehead. Look how tiny you are!

Four years later, doing what you do best: snuggling, snoozing and melting my heart:


  1. Happy birthday, Gus! I was so happy to see and pet him when I stopped in the shop this weekend. Dogs definitely add extra charm to any business. ;)