Friday, July 29, 2011

hey friends...

So I've written, edited and re-writted 3 blog posts today and none of them made me very happy... I'm just hankering for some new inspiration.

It's the weekend and we are hoping to see you all out and about in the beautiful weather that is expected here in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

In a perfect world... this weekend... I would...

Walk home under the lush tree tops and through the prickly, dewey grass:

Spend some time cooking in my beautifully broken-in kitchen:

Spend some time on the balcony painting views of this lovely roaring tide:

Take a soak in my beautiful bathtub:

And get to bed early:

Instead I'll be here:

photo courtesy of: HERE

Selling you fine folks some beautiful letterpress printed goodies, like this:

My real life is the next best think to my fake, dream-life.
I'm a real lucky duck :)
Love you!

(all other photogs courtesy of: HERE)

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