Friday, July 22, 2011

time keeps a-flyin'...

Hey there gals and pals!

Hope you're keeping cool and enjoying the ridiculously sunny weather we've been having here in New Hampshire! Wooty-woo for summertime... makes me wanna drink some lemonade and jump into a big body of cold water :)

We just realized how quickly our first birthday in the new space came and went... it's already nearing the end of July and before you know it we'll be singing feliz cumpleanos AGAIN - because we will have successfully hit the 2 year we-love-to-be-in-business mark! :) Can I get a second - woooty-wooooooo!!!

To make light of all of this crazy time-travel, flashing-at-the-speed-of-light stuff that's been going on, we thought we'd talk up our agendas on this lovely afternoon in July.

Sound good to you? Great. Because it sounds mighty marvelous to me!

We'll start off with our old-time fave, the MomAgenda. We carry both the MomAgenda desktop sized planner, as well as the MyAgenda mini planners - so there really is an option for all you lovely ladies out there. The reason this line has become an all-time fave of Gus & Ruby's is because these agendas are so thorough. They are sturdy, fun to look at, and have space on every pages for all of the little details that you might need to keep track of in the day!

Can you tell I love the new animal print jackets the best?

We also just re-ordered new binders and calendar inserts for our Russell & Hazel agendas. What is great, grand and wonderful about these agendas is that you buy them a-la-carte. So, if you already own a binder, you can fill it with whatever inserts you need, and then recycle the binder year after year. At Gus & Ruby you'll find the notepads and to-do lists, as well as address sheets with die-cut detail for business card organization, file folders and tab dividers, and the month & day outline sheets.

What I'm super thrilled to be sharing though, is that I just ordered us some super fun and funky new agendas from Jonathan Adler. We started carrying his designs last summer (a few fun pens and note blocks), just before our move to 29 Congress... but this year we decided that it made sense to really jazz things up a bit with his dog collars and leads, umbrellas, and home office supplies. It was about time for a re-order last week when their new fall catalog arrived in the mail (YIPPEEEEE!). So here they are - Jonathan Adler's 2011/2012 agendas. We'll have them in for mid-August (just in time for all your back-to-school needs!)

So as your brain starts to fill up with dates, and your desk starts to get covered with post-its, and you start to realize that missing appointments is just not how you want to keep going through life - come and visit us here at Gus & Ruby Letterpress. We've got all the tools you need to make it through another year... of dentist appointments... and birthdays... and physics exams... and cocktail dates ;)

Much love and many hugs comin' at cha XO

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