Monday, June 22, 2009

Ruby turns 2 today!

{All amazing photographs by Emilie Inc.}

Happy birthday baby girl! I know, it's obnoxious, but I can't help it. She's the light of my life. Next to A.K. of course. Of course.
At 2 years old she is still very much a puppy. She needs tons and tons of exercise and thanks to our lovely dog walker, Leigh, she gets it every day.

We picked Ruby (her name was Doris) up at the
NHSPCA in December 2007. She was our Christmas present to one another. We had wanted to get a dog for years, but until we were settled down, it just didn't make sense. But, A.K. and I got engaged in June, 2007 and bought a condo that November. Finally we felt like we had a home and the stability to take care of a puppy. It's a good thing we waited because she was (and still is) a handful.

If you're thinking about getting a pet, your local humane society is the way to go. NH is a no-kill state so hundreds of dogs get driven up here each year from the south and are placed in good homes. It's such a wonderful thing to save an animal's life and the work that the
NHSPCA does is just amazing. I am so thankful we drove over there that cold, December day.

Love you, Rubes!
(ps: Happy birthday to my human friends, Charlie and Dana as well)


  1. Happy Birthday BooBoos!
    You are a special little girl and i am so proud of you!
    And Mommy too!

  2. Happy B-day Rubes! Love the pics...Ruby you are like a model or something, long legs, beautiful eyes, a little swagger...and Whit, you look OK too. ;)

  3. Whitney and Sam,
    Loving your work, and your blog! I don't know you, but am still really excited for your new endeavors as business owners! You seem to have great energy and amazing talent! I love the pics on Emilie's blog - so cute! Looking forward to seeing more and wishing you lots of luck!
    (Emilie's designer)