Friday, June 5, 2009

Walking for Life

This weekend, I'm off to Boston to participate in the AIDS Walk with my bestie, Karen. She's an inspiration, let me tell you.

After graduating (with top honors, might I add) from McGill University, Karen charged off, alone, to work in Durban, South Africa for 7 months at an HIV/AIDS research hospital. She is now working at the Ragon Institute in Charlestown, MA as a project coordinator for some of the many, many research efforts being lead from this amazing facility.

The girl is selfless, heartful, and wildly intelligent. She truly gives me hope that we, as citizens of this earth, can make a difference and alter the course of our future. I am proud to know you, Karen, and am humbled by your dedication to this worthy cause.

I'm walking for YOU, Karen - because you are the type of person I want for this planet and because your generosity of spirit, resources and time is changing the world.

I'm walking for the millions of people living with this preventable virus.

I'm walking because I believe that I can change this world by speaking up and speaking out about causes I believe in.

If you can, please donate to this amazing cause.

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