Sunday, October 25, 2009

Drink it up!

We just got a bunch of stripey straws in at the store and I just can't get over how fun they are! Such a simple way to add a bit of POP! to your pop. I love the idea of throwing a cocktail party and jazzing up each sip with a stripey straw. Hooray for celebrating anything and everything!

$3 for 50 straws? I can cheers to that!

(Photo 1 found here, photo 2 here, the 3rd photo here, 4th found here and 5th spotted here)


  1. Love them! I am picturing them in Izze sodas.

  2. Izzes are my fave! We're having them at our wedding!!! With the stripey straws of course!

  3. put me down for a pack of pink straws please!! adore them!

  4. I did not see these when I was in there today!! I need some of these!! LOVE.