Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sand between the toes or grass stains on your knees?

(All photos courtesy of Tulum Weddings)

Our little Whitney is re-thinking her summer 2010 nuptials. Whiz is now considering flying south for an intimate, casual destination wedding complete with a barefoot ceremony and rustic, family-style dinner under the stars. I'm totally jazzed about the idea. A mini-vacation and watching one of my besties get hitched to a seriously fab guy? Total heaven!

That said, her original idea of a backyard field wedding at her grandmother's home on Lake Winnipesaukee would be amazing, too. The color palate, personal, lovely details and, of course, inspired paper pieces that Whitney has chosen, planned and designed for the event are truly breathtaking and the finished production is sure to be the summer lust for the rest of us wedding fanatics.

Of course, this type of change-of-plans is no easy feat and has Whitney fraught with decisions. Be spontaneous and opt for a simpler, romantic get-away? Stick to the course and see through the wedding she's been planning? Run down to town-hall and call it a day? Smash them all into one and have a ceremony in a small town hall that happens to be on a field on an exotic island in the warm Gulf ocean that Whitney finds out belongs to her family?

Beach or field - this wedding is going to be incredible. It will be beautiful (duh! It's Whitney, after all!), it will be full of care and craft and it will be a celebration of love in more ways than one. Whitney and AK are two of the most hilarious, generous and wonderful people I've had the pleasure of knowing. And, I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. I can only imagine the amount of love and support for these two that is going to be flowing the day they finally tie the knot.

So, Whiz, darlin' - whichever way you go (full-on family wedding in Wofeboro or intimate casual wedding on the beach in Mexico), you're going to be a beautiful blushing bride and AK will play the handsome hubby. We'll all be there (some in person and all in spirit) to clap and laugh and cheer for the wonderful fact that you guys have decided to spend your lives together.

But seriously, let's really consider the Mexico wedding. I could use a tan and this place looks pretty amazing.



  1. Ohhh.... a blog post! This conversation *is* serious! We, too, are game for returning to our favorite Ana Y Jose!!

  2. I vote Ana Y Jose...do I get a vote :) ...either way it will be a great day for you both! Looking forward to it!

  3. Why not both? An amazingly memorable beach wedding with close friends and family followed by a huge party in Wolfeboro so everyone else can celebrate with you!

  4. I am with Lori, this seems like the best option.