Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Cute Things

Happy Sunday!! In honor of it being Sunday and all, here are some things I think are cute. I'm a firm believer in the healing, restorative power of cute animals.

Teeny, tiny mini horse babies. I mean, do I really need to explain this one?

Hedgehogs - any age - preferably yawning.

Brussels Griffon pups.

Oh, also Brussels Griffon adult dogs, too. Preferably him ^

Tiny pups in hot dog buns.

Tiny pups on hamburger buns. (Please note the difference)

Dogs riding ponies. Obvi.

Baby hippos munching on iceberg lettuce.

Squirrel babies stretchin' and eatin'.

Cheeky lambs.

OK - there you go. Cute things. Happy Sunday!

(Brussels Griffon top photo: FeatherWood Brussels Griffons. Brussels Griffon bottom photo: Emilie Sommer of Emilie Inc. Photography. All other photos:


  1. come on... all those cute photos and not one of ruby? she's pretty sad that you don't think she's worthy of sunday's cute things.


    that's what she said

  2. ummm, those cute pics made my little chihuahua herding my huge grey cat in from the woods this morning was my very own Sunday cute thing at my house!