Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm so excited!

We just ordered Pantone mugs and I am so excited, I can't even stand it. We'll do a full review of them when they arrive next week complete with available colors and pricing, but for now you can daydream about sipping your morning coffee out of one of these bad larrys!
Photo found here.


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  2. I'm so glad you are getting them! I hope my link was useful for you guys! Take care!!

  3. I've had my eyes on these for a LONG time, but how does one go about selecting a color? I would have to get at least four or six (or maybe the whole set).

  4. I love these and have been wanting one (or many) for months! Do you mind emailing me when you have them in stock? If you're up for it, I might love to get one or more from you. Thanks!


  5. Great news Lori - you CAN buy a whole set from us!! :)