Friday, October 23, 2009

On videographers.

If you'd asked me 3 years ago whether I would have a videographer at my wedding my answer would have been a resounding "Aww heck no!" You see - my only exposure to wedding videography were the clips I watched on my beloved America's Funniest Home Videos. And they looked just that - like home videos. Blech. No thanks.

Then, after starting a largely weddings-based business, I became entrenched in all things party perfect and was introduced to the way wedding videography could be. And I fell in love. I fell hard for the personality, movement and sound bites that videos can capture.

To prove my point - I direct you to the first 13 seconds of THIS adorable preview from the uber talented Meg Simone. (To give fair warning - don't visit Meg's site if you're at work (and you actually do work at work) or adhering to any sort of schedule. You're going to want to give yourself a good hour or two to watch the oodles of amazing videos on Meg's site. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

Umm, hello? How adorable, hilarious and awesome is that little boy? And how thankful must that couple be that they have that sweet moment on film? I know I'd be pretty pleased.

These days, videography is more than just documenting the day on film. It's an art - complete with a soundtrack, artful editing and all seen through the creative lens of a videographer who knows just what perfect moments each couple will watch over and over again.

I'm a hopelessly devoted photography nut (Hi, Emilie! I heart you!) - you all know that - but I'm fast learning to appreciate the art of the motion picture as a valuable asset to capturing your big day.

Truth be told, though, that little boy could have sold me on anything. Oh boy I love this one too. Looks like a super fun wedding, right?


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  2. oh my gosh - i'm speechless! I was on vacation when you posted this and I just met with a mutual couple in common Elizabeth+David and they said "we saw you on the Gus + Ruby blog..." I am SO thankful for your kind words WOW, WOW, WOW! I appreciate you cheering for wedding videos too :) I love all your work and cant wait to talk more soon :) Thank you both :) Meg

  3. Hello! That addorable little boy is my cousin and he definitely stole the show at the wedding! You couldn't have been more accurate about Meg's talents.. we were truly blessed to have her be a part of our day. Thank you for your kind words :) Kimberly