Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bridesmaids' Gifts: Personalized home & office decor!

Another fabulous idea for bridesmaids' gifts? Personalized, patterned, chic and lovely home and office decor from the uber wonderful Dabney Lee at Home collections. We've written about these beauties before (check it it out HERE), but we just have to mention them again as they make super bridal party gifts.

I love the idea of choosing the perfect pieces for each one of my gals.

I'd grab a recipe box for my baker friend,

a catch-all for my fashionista,

monogram notes for my girl who just snagged a corner office,

and an ice bucket for the hostess with the most-est.

Then I'd choose the perfect monogram and pattern to make it really reflect her individual style. There is something so lovely about a personalized gift; it shows such forethought and awareness of exactly what makes her so special.

There are dozens of different pieces for the home and office, varied price points and oodles of combinations of pattern and monogram style that you can choose from (check out this previous post for more pics!). Love love love!

(all photos courtesy of Dabney Lee at Home)

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