Monday, May 23, 2011

National Stationery Round-Up: the booths

We've taken the time to show you some of our favorite new products from this year's NSS and now we want to show you a few of our favorite booths! As much as Sam and I love to go to the show, we do tend to get super overwhelmed by all of the stuff to look at. We spend two and a half days strolling aisle after aisle and stopping in every booth that we've made a note to visit or that simply catches our eyes because of their beautiful set-up. Needless to say it can be a bit of visual overload! This was our third show and I think we've really mastered how to weed out the really great booths from some of the mediocre ones. If you aren't careful you can get dragged into dozens of booths just by chatting up the nice designers. And while we love to talk with fellow paper lovers, we are always on a time crunch and have to be conscious of who we spend our time talking to and buying from.

Below are some of our favorite booth designs from this year's show!

{Ink + Wit known for her minimalist, geometric designs. Love the birch walls and white lettering and silhouettes}

{Albertine Press & Carta, Inc. always share a booth and this year we were totally smitten with their soft blue walls and whimsical, hand-drawn illustrations. Shelley has some fabulous new designs that we can't wait to share with you!}

{Not surprising that Rifle Paper Co. has a stunning booth that is easy to navigate and highlights the products}

{Above: a sneak peek at 3 different calendars they are debuting for 2012. They are SO beautiful we almost can't stand it}

{Even though we ordered a ridiculous amount of boxed thank yous by the time we reached Rifle, I begged Sam to let me order the ones in the center with the bold hues and stunning foil stamp... she caved:}
{Could the Smock booth be any more colorful? They launched a handful of new patterns that will be used in their wrapping papers, boxes, greeting cards, jotters and letter sheets. To see a step by step process (in pictures) of setting up the Smock booth, click here. Photos courtesy of Smock}

All photos by Brian Tropiano Photography (unless otherwise noted) via Oh So Beautiful Paper.


  1. So nice to see you at the show. I'm sure you had a great time!

  2. I was so sad to be busy when you two came by! I was so looking forward to chatting and seeing how you have been! I still feel bad about it, you are two of my favorite paper peeps.

    But, it seems like you had a great time...despite not seeing moi (haha)... I seriously love the color of the Carta/Albertine soothing! I may need to paint my office that color... xx S

  3. thank you for the lovely post ladies : )

  4. oh my such beautiful displays! Such a dream of ours to one day make it all the way from Australia to NYC for NSS, sigh, one day!