Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Invitation inspiration: pattern-palooza!

(Oh, hello gorgeous multi-pattern invitation from Bella Figura!!)

You know what I've been totally digging recently? Pattern-driven invitations, that's what! I've always been a pattern girl. I love rich, interesting patterns and have been a big fan of overlapping patterns to create interesting layers of design.

Using pattern on an invitation is such a fun and easy way to pull in a design element without being thematic or literal. Whether it's a band of pattern, a full background or just isolated elements from a specific design - I think you'll agree that patterns make for some pretty stellar designs!

Some pattern pops for your peepers:

(A pretty textile-inspired design from Wiley Valentine)

(More patterned-pretties from Bella Figura)

(Bands of pattern and full front-patterning from Smock)

(A variety of pattern-driven designs from Gilah Press)

(Gorgeous damask invitations from LilyWillow Paper & Press)

(Ornate layered pattern invitations from The Lettered Olive)

(A geometric-pattern Gus & Ruby Letterpress custom piece)

(Pattern used a number of different ways in this beautiful Dauphine Press suite)

(Lovely pattern and a beautiful cartouche seal the deal with this sweet Elum invitation)

(Isolated pattern and a full flood of pattern both from Two Trick Pony)

(Stunning and simple pattern-driven invitation booklet from Alee & Press)

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