Friday, May 6, 2011

petite petit

When I think of summer, I think of vibrant, saturated colors. I think of the fresh smell of cut grass - those verdant front yards from my childhood that we used to run across in barefeet. And the lush colors of juicy watermelon and cantaloup all cubed up in a bowl on the picnic table. And the crazy aquatic blue of the bottom of my family's swimming pool. I love those colors, and I can't help but be transported when I see them - back to those moments and times when I was young and enjoying the warmth of early summer.

Our weather here in Portsmouth is still fluctuating a bit - it was a chilly 41* last night on my drive home - but the sunshine this morning made me feel like there is definite hope!

This past week we received our order from Petit Collage - it was well overdue - but when you see these punchy prints you will understand why I have been rambling about colors and childhood:

These prints just make me SMILE!

We decided it would be best to carry these prints in frames, and loose. That way, if any of you are out scouring for a bridal shower gift and want to really make an impression, we can wrap the framed versions up for you right on the spot! And we apologize for the delay, but we also re-ordered Petit's super sweet bamboo mobiles again!

I know - doesn't it make you want to have a baby bundle sweet little nugget so that you can decorate a nursery? Maybe not? Sorry, I guess it's just me :)

Happy Friday folks! And hope to see you ALL soon!

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