Thursday, May 19, 2011

National Stationery Round-Up: Hilarious Greeting Cards

Samantha and I just returned from a 4-day, 3-night visit to NYC for the National Stationery Show and are so super excited about all of the new goodies we ordered for the shop! We placed huge orders with store favorites like Smock, Retro 1951, Chronicle Books and Mr. Boddington's Studio, but are most excited to introduce you to some new companies hitting G&R this summer.

Power & Light Press is a one-woman shop based out of Portland, Oregon and though her collection was small, it was 82% hilarious. These babies (and a few more) will be arriving in early July:
{images above courtesy of Power & Light Press}

Our favorite new company is Blue Barn House based out of Asheville, North Carolina. Their cards are laugh-out-loud funny. Sam and I were literally laughing our butts off in their booth. Ironically enough though, the husband and wife duo (I'm assuming they're married, but they easily could just be friends... or enemies... or frenemies) was surprisingly quiet, shy and not funny when they were meeting us and writing our order. Perhaps that is why we walked right by their booth in 2009 and 2010? Their cards definitely take our humor line to a whole new level - so much so that we're thinking we might need to create an "adult humor" category in our card bins. Keep your eyes peeled for these in late August!
{images above courtesy of Blue Barn House}

We were introduced to Lisa from Sapling Press (think "we go together like Billy Cosby and pudding pops") at last year's show and have been ordering from her ever since. She dazzled buyers this year with her newest line of greeting cards titled "dear blank" (it's been blowing up on blogs for the past few weeks) and we ordered almost evey single one! We'll be getting these in in June. Here are our faves:
{images above courtesy of Sapling Press}

Don't worry, this is just a sampling of the cards we ordered and as always we'll keep you updated here and on our Facebook page as the goodies start to arrive. Check back tomorrow as Sam will be giving you a sneak peek at some of the new products we ordered! They're ridic. For reals.

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  1. I cannot wait until these cards come in!!! Amazing finds. Please keep in mind I am available next year if you need a personal assistant at the show. :)