Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holiday cards by Dauphine Press

We are HUGE fans of Dauphine Press and love love love showing both their Coral album and the new album (more on that soon....holy cow. I'll leave it at that) of wedding invitations. So, when the fabulous Dauphine team sent along a little holiday album, we were just delighted. As is the case with all that Dauphine does, the designs are absolutely adorable, fabulously customizable (you can change colors, fonts, layout, etc.) and beautifully letterpress printed on textural 100% cotton paper.

And, it gets better! Order your cards or soiree invitations with Dauphine this holiday season (through January 1, 2012) and you'll receive FREE matching letterpress gift tags* as a gift from Dauphine to you! Amazing, right?

Check out some of the gorgeous designs below. Because many of these designs are hot off the press, we only have photos of a few and PDFs of the rest - but trust us when we say that the printing is to die for.

Example of a super cute photo card and then the matching gift tag that you'd receive for free:

And another example of a sweet photo card (remember, this would be beautifully letterpress printed in real life!) and matching gift tag:

So, give us a ring on the telly or drop us a line and set up an appointment ASAP to come check out this gem of an album. It's time to get started on those holiday to-dos; and, with Dauphine, you'll have the cards to beat this holiday season!

Ta ta!

(All photos and PDFs courtesy of Dauphine Press)

*Free gift tags will be printed on the same stock, in the same color palette and in the same quantity as the corresponding holiday card order. Embellishments such as foil stamping, die-cutting or back patterning are subject to additional charges.

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