Monday, October 17, 2011

Trick or Treat

Who sends Halloween cards? No clue. Who should you send them to? Don't ask me. But how can you resist these? You can't. This is the best selection of Halloween cards we've ever had, which is really saying something since this is now our 3rd year celebrating this creepy, but fun holiday. For real though, you should totally pick up a couple and drop 'em in your kiddos' lunch boxes (Halloween does fall on a manic Monday) or send one to your college bestie who (or is it whom?) you've been meaning to write. She'll love this one: 

{Mr. Boddington's Studio}

And the kids will get a kick out of this:
 {Egg Press}

And this one is too cute to pass up (how fun would it be if you got 5 kids to dress in these exact costumes, took a photo and then framed it next to this card? The answer is ridiculously fun):

 {Rifle Paper Co.}

{Mr. Boddington's Studio} 

For you love birds:
{Mr. Boddington's Studio} 

 {Two Trick Pony} 

{Dee and Lala} 
No pressure or anything but these cards are going quick and once we sell out, we're out. But fear not, our Turkey Day cards are just as cute. And don't even get me started on Christmas.

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