Monday, October 3, 2011

Linda & Harriet 2012 Letterpress Calendar

As you know our 2012 calendars have been rolling in and just last week we received our shipment of Linda & Harriet letterpress calendars. We've carried this calendar every year and it is always my personal favorite. This year is no different!
Liz Libré, the artist behind Linda & Harriet, creates a pattern of hand-drawn illustrations that fill the bottom of each month's page. The drawings are always related to the specific month so that you have snowmen to look at in December and whales to admire in July.
The best part about the calendar is that on the back of each month's page there is a layout of a postcard so that when the month is over (or if you're like us it will be when the year is over since we display all 12 months at once for a huge, life-size wall calendar) you can cut off the bottom of the page where the pattern of illustrations are located and send a dear friend or secret crush an adorable postcard. How clever is that?
Can you guess which month is Sam's favorite? She's pretty stoked that not only does the 2012 calendar feature horse shoes, they just happen to be March's featured illustration, which is Sam's birthday month (March 7 in case you want to send cupcakes).
I love the pattern for October. Halloween is just a few short weeks away:)

photos courtesy of Linda & Harriet

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  1. Love this! I'm totally swooning over the November buttons. :)