Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I swooned so hard for this wedding I fell off my chair...

(Screen grab from Style Me Pretty)

You must must must watch this incredible
video by Monachetti that I found via the ever-fabulous Style Me Pretty.

Oh my. I am so, SO in love with this wedding. I'd marry it if I could. I might try to.

Gorgeous people + veils to die for + posh posh posh to the max + Lisa Loeb!? = Samantha's dream wedding if Samantha could were cooler and could pull it off and was not such a nerdy horse girl.


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  2. That's my friend Justine Ungaro (photog from CA) photographed by my friend Greg Gibson (from DC, who is also a Roots Workshop staffer). :)

  3. Oh really?? Holy cow - what a rad wedding. The skirts on those flower girls? Amazing.

    By the time I get married, Emilie, you're going to really have to help me, in the words of the wise Tim Gunn, edit, edit, edit! I'm already on design idea overload!

  4. Thanks for the feature and such kind words!!! :-)