Saturday, August 1, 2009

We're opening a bakery next.

{Deliciousness found here.}

Another very busy and successful day a the shop. Here's what was accomplished:
- shelving for greeting cards installed
- hundreds of products barcoded
- template for first email blast designed
- cardboard boxes broken down and taken away (thanks, Allen!)
- front door painted
- bookcase delivered and installed
- mouldings, shelving and mirror installed in bathroom
- long, long nap for Gus
- Ruby's at the beach
- several iced coffees consumed
- it's 6:23PM and we're going stronger than ever

If anyone wants to make these peachy cupcakes and deliver them to us, that would be just fine. More pictures tomorrow!

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  1. Holy cow! You accomplished more in a day than most in a week! Or two! So proud of you, ladies!!