Friday, August 7, 2009

Open for Business!!

(Photo courtesy of emilie inc. photography)

We are officially open!!
And, the website is live!! Check. It. Out.

Can you believe it? Come visit ASAP:

Gus & Ruby Letterpress
206 Market Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Open Daily: 10AM - 6PM

As if that weren't enough, we were interviewed by the fabulous WMUR yesterday morning (pre-opening, gulp!) and were on the 6PM news. Watch it here. Or, read about it here. Hooray!

The opening celebration was incredible. We had a blast chatting with friends, family and incredibly talented wedding/design/paper pros.

SO, so many people to thank for the amazing amounts of support, guidance, advice and old fashioned helping hands that we received. To name just a few:

The Finigan Family
The Swaffield Family
Thelma and Bud Lyon
AK Walker
Vance Gorham
Emilie Sommer of Emilie Inc. Photography
Joe Walker
Carrie Allison of Allison Consulting
Annie Loomis of Making Faces
Allen Hubbard of AJ Hubbard Construction
Claudia Macomber
Dave LeFebvre of Shanley Realtors
Patricia Lausier and Laura Capshaw of Lausier & Lausier LLC
Davide Campbell of Ceres Wine Merchants
Kristin Walker
The Rumbletree Family
Kerry Littmann

We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

Here's to sweet beginnings!


  1. So enormously happy/proud/excited for you, Whitney and Sam! Your shop is stunning, as are you and your ambitions. There's no stopping this dynamic duo and I'm thrilled to be along with ya for the ride!! xo

  2. congrats! I wish I was local!

  3. Wow! It looks amazing! Congratulations on bringing the store to life-- beautifully. Also, the shot of the ringlet jotters looks wonderful! Your photographer did a great job on all of the images. : ) xx susy

  4. who was that hot chick serving champagne and bringing donuts? she was very helpful too!

  5. Alex, Theo and I are very happy for you both. The babes on the evening news are the hot commodities that are actually going to reel in the customers.

    Alex wants to know if you'll have poetry readings in your shop (the "written word") - poetry, paper and pastries. Also, please include my name "Emily Marie Hausman" as the talented consultant who named your business. Thanks in advance.

    Love and congratulations to you both. My heart wants to be there to see your shop and your proud faces. Theo wants to slob up all your merchandise (and your faces).

  6. Congrats girls! Have just come across your site and have added it to my favourites already!! Good luck :) xo