Monday, September 14, 2009

Confessions of a Confessions of a Pioneer Woman Addict

(Photo courtesy of Confessions of a Pioneer Woman)

I love Ree the Pioneer Woman. Ree and I go way way back - I started reading Confessions of a Pioneer Woman when I was in college. I spent my days delighting my city friends with tales from the ranch. Ok, Ok - they weren't delighted per se. More concerned with my infatuation with country living and penchant for recipes calling for large amounts of butter. Sometimes they wondered if I really belonged in a city. What other college girl makes cornbread and black-eyed-pea salsa and biscuits and gravy to serve at beer pong parties?

In any case - I've always been a Ree devotee. I love her blog, love her writing, love her recipes and just generally wish I was more like her. This morning, whilst sipping my fave coconut iced coffee from Breaking New Grounds and perusing some fave sites, one of Ree's posts introduced me to this YouTube gem.

This kid just totally made my Monday. I love a kid that can entertain on command. Genius, baby, genius.

Now give me some Evil Eyes, pronto!

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