Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WhoMi? Yes, You!

(All photos courtesy of WhoMi)

One of my most favorite (and blogged about) passions is list writing. I have lists of every darn thing under the sun: date spots, dog names, movies I want to rent, books I want to read, hotels I want to visit someday, people I want to learn more about, words I like...the list of lists goes on and on.

Well, folks, we just got a shipment of divine 2010 agendas by WhoMi. The crazy cool thing about these puppies is that they have 3 separate color-coded (oh man, I die!) sections each day that you can use to organize your life and lists.

For example, my WhoMi sections are: yellow = work schedule, green = exercise regime, and blue = social calendar. I love that I can plan my day or month by activity, time, date, or general category. SO functional, so fun.

As if that wasn't enough, these agendas have a whole separate section of lined paper for notes/doodles, a section for contacts, a monthly view calendar and a whole pre-made section for lists called "favorites!" I can't even tell you how awesome these are. Plus - they are sturdy and durable - sure to last throughout the year without looking beaten and battered by the 5th month. The snazzy designs and plastic coating make them aesthetic and truly usable.

Celebs and real-world peeps alike find these planners irresistible. For goodness sakes, Kelly Ripa uses one! Oprah featured it! They are that good.

WhoMi - come see!