Monday, September 28, 2009

I fell in love with this wedding over the weekend

Brace yourselves. This wedding is amaaaaaaazing! Aside from the fact that the groom is adorable and the bride is gorgeous, the duo did everything themselves. EVERYthing. What are the chances that A.K. and I will have a wedding that's this much fun? I'm guessing pretty slim.

(she made the dress herself!)
(and the flags)
(how gorgeous is she? oh, and she made the veil too)
(omg, look at him! A.K., you better cry like this!)(can't stand it)(of course they had a photo booth... complete with plenty of props)
{Photos courtesy of Sarah Maren. First spotted over at 100LayerCake}

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  1. Whit your wedding is going to be great!