Friday, September 4, 2009

Finger Lickin' Fridays: Cookie Cocktails

(Photo found here)

Why is it that after a certain age having cookies and milk after dinner is sort of...not so cool? I mean, no one bats an eye at ordering a fine Cognac or even something adult like creme brulee. But cookies and milk is sort of - kiddish?

Well guess what, adulthood? I'm rebelling! Sort of. Check out these cookie-inspired cocktails - found via my fave Friday read, CakeSpy, who found them at Edible Crafts. CakeSpy is a baker/sweet-tooth mecca. It's an awesome compilation of interviews, recipes, art, links and hilarious experiments. I'm never disappointed by a visit to CakeSpy.

Anyways - these drinks look delicious and sophisticated and totally Finger Lickin' Friday worthy. I may just make one tonight.

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