Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ready, set, organize!!

(The utterly fabulous MomAgenda - not just for moms!)

While I'm not in school anymore (tear), don't have kiddos and am not a teacher - September will forever be "Back to School" for me. I'm hard-wired to think of September as the start of a new year.

And, much to my delight, starting anything new means getting organized, making lists and setting schedules. I live and die by my daily planner and could make a career out of list-making.

So - the store is stocked with the best of the best organizational tools and fun bits. I'm in heaven! A few to pique your interest...

One of the best agendas out there (and trust me, I've been through my fair share of agendas) - the MomAgenda - in an array of candy-colors.

Adorbs fabric-covered push pins from Girl of All Work to deck out your cork board! Hang up cute pix with cute push-pins - a total must. Right?

Utilitarian Task Clips from Knock Knock. I've put a stack of papers on Whit's desk clipped together with "Urgent." They are mostly cupcake recipes. Hopefully she'll get the hint.

Errand Organizer also from Knock Knock with pre-set check-mark boxes (a list-makers paradise) and separate folders to keep receipts, notes and items organized!!

Can't forget these Forget-Me-Nots from Girl of All Work.

Totally awesome and eco-friendly agendas from EcoJot with handy elastics to keep them closed even when they are jostling around in the deep dark depths of your bag. Not that that happens to me ever. Nope. Never.


  1. So serendipitous, today's my day to completely re-vamp my office. Thanks for all the great inspiration!