Thursday, September 24, 2009

A little Guy time.

(Photo of super hip dinner party imprintable invitations courtesy of Urban Bark Paper.)

I just want to say: Whitney and I love guys. We really do! OK, ok - now don't get ahead of yourself here. Of course we love the various men in our personal lives - fathers, brothers, significant others, friends, whatnot. But what I mean to say is that we love men, boys, guys, dudes - in the store. As customers. Some of our most favorite customers are men. Men who are into stationery? Is there a better combo!? We think not.

We are constantly striving to fill the store with a variety of items that will appeal to a variety of tastes - women and men, simple and ornate, colorful and neutrals, functional and frivolous.
So why not highlight a few things we have in the shop that our male customers have really been digging. They are hip, non-girly and functional. Perfect for the design-savvy guy at work or home. Stop in to see!

Urban Bark Paper goodies:

Some faves from Hammerpress, including awesome letterpress notebooks!:

Hey, how'd you get in here? Oh well, you can stay. You're pretty cute and hilarious. Nom nom nom nom.

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