Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fugu Fugu

I'd like to start this blog out with a picture.

This is a picture of my mother and father, Christyne & Michael Lapan. When people tell me I look like my Mom I blush a little because I think she's a super pretty, super wonderful woman. And, when people tell me I act like my Dad I smile because I think he's just great - grounded, reasonable, and pretty darn crafty when it comes right down to it. I always wonder about my parents and what they were like during their youth - don't you?! I think this photograph paints a pretty picture of what that life must have been like (not that they don't live a youthful life now of course!). I like to think that back then, my parents would have sent cards like this to each other:

I imagine the messages inside these cards would have read:

"Dear Chrissy, You make the best shepherd's pie ever. I also really like how cute you look in your apron. Thank you for all of the hugs and kisses, and for always making me smile. I love you to the moon. XO Michael"

Or maybe:

"Dear Michael, When you go swimming in the pool, you remind me of a fishy. That is why I bought you this adorable card. Here's to all of the fish kisses we'll share together for the rest of our lives. Love you, Chrissy
P.S. I love to make you shepherd's pie!"

I also like to image that they'd have received cards like this:

Inside it would read:
"Dear Mike & Chrissy, Thank you for letting me sleep in your spare bedroom. You two are so great. I'm moving to a new town now because I got a new job. I am apologizing now for the waterbed that I am leaving with you. Best of luck moving that thing out of the house some day. Cheers! Uncle Paul"

Or maybe when my Mom was pregnant with me she would have gotten a card like this:

Inside this one would read:
"Dear Chrissy, You are so beautiful. But you are even more beautiful now that you are with child. Here's an excuse to eat lots of pizza and ice cream - and don't worry, when your baby gets older she won't crave pizza like it's going out of style. Take good care and stay warm in Minnesota! Love, Kath"

And just so you know, this is the card I'm going to send to my Mom & Dad next week with a lovely note inside that reads something like this:

"Dear Mom & Dad, I love you both sooo much! You two are the absolute best and I cannot image where I'd be without you. I cannot wait to see you again soon - and Mom, you seriously are SO pretty. Your loving daughter, LizzyLooLoo"

Now... to be honest, my parents probably didn't have a shop like Gus & Ruby's around when they were living in Minnesota. And I should also note that Fugu Fugu Press was not established in Pasadena, CA until long after the picture of my parents was taken, so it would have been near impossible for them to have sent these exact greeting cards to one another. But, I bet after reading this blog they will be thrilled about the idea of these Fugu Fugu Press goodies!

And that's that - over and out!
(Oh, and thanks for being a friend!),

*All images in this blog post (except the one of my parents) courtesy of Fugu Fugu Press. Please come check out these darling little snail mail possibilities at Gus & Ruby Letterpress soon!

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