Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello Hello...

So there it is, my smiling face on Paper Hounds! And this is me, Elizabeth Liz Lizzy Lapan blogging for you for the first time ever. With all the hype and madness behind the move of Gus & Ruby Letterpress from lower Market Street to our FABULOUS new home at 29 Congress in downtown Portsmouth, NH, I have been wracking my brain as to what should be shared first. I know Samantha and Whitney have been feeding you tidbits of the G&R goodness for the past week on our facebook page, but we hope you have the opportunity to visit our new space soon! There is something so cheery and vibrant about 29 Congress Street - maybe it's the high ceilings, the lighting, or just the fact that we're now amidst the hustle and bustle of Market Square - but regardless of what detail makes it that much more special, we are SO thrilled that you, our beloved followers and patrons, are excited about our move too! It has been such a pleasure for me to take this step with the ladies, and so inspiring to be in the kind of environment where you can happily work away folding paper flowers for window displays with good reason :)

But besides the excitement around our new store, Samantha, Whitney and I have been overjoyed with the fact that more space = more new product! Like these beautiful, letterpressed notesets, packaged in their own little booklets from Albertine Press. Each design is inspired by textile patterns from locations across the globe, and have I mentioned how BEAUTIFUL they are?! There's just something about impeccable design and rich color on paper that makes my heart go pitter-pat (Samantha and Whitney are certainly rubbing off on me!). And maybe the best detail to share about these beauties is that they are printed in Sommerville, Massachusetts.

(Photos courtesy of Albertine Press)

Or what about these beautiful gift-wrapped packages Whitney put together for her flowergirlies. The double-sided sheets of wrapping paper she used are from Smock (one of our absolute favs), not to mention that the sheets are extra large so you can use one sheet for multiple packages and then wrap them together for an immaculate presentation! As you may or may not know, Smock is the first and only print shop in the United States to print on luxury bamboo paper. Yes, I said it - that huge and amazing industrial building in Syracuse, New York where Smock does it's printing is filled with stacks and stacks of bamboo paper. Talk about eco-friendly! And the colors and prints... I cannot even begin to tell you how beautiful they are. Perfect for all your giftwrapping, bookcovering, scrapbooking, and framing-to-hang-in-your-office-or-bedroom needs.

(Photos courtesy of Smock)

So we're in agreement then - you've got a handful of summer birthdays, weddings, and BBQs to attend and we've got all the fixings for tasteful and fun gift-giving! You can grab some fab new note sets and wrap them up in some bright and beautiful paper and be on your way. It's a no brainer! So we're in agreement then. I'll see you soon! And yes, that's 29 Congress Street - the new home of Gus & Ruby Letterpress.

This is yours truly, signing off!
Happy hump day :)


  1. Hi there, I came into the store a few weeks ago and bought some of your lovely papers. I was inspired to remodel my daughter's handmade dollhouse with some of the paper (see my blog for pics). I'm wondering now if I could use it as wallpaper in my bathroom?

    P.S. I'm still looking for the perfect chandelier like yours!