Friday, July 16, 2010

Thank you, thank you VERY much!

So today was officially the first day of our second week here on Congress Street. Isn't that crazy?! The summer has been flying by, and before we get too far along, Samantha & Gus, Whitney & Ruby, and little old me (soon I'll have a pup to tag onto my name line too ;)) want to thank everyone who had a part in our move from lower Market Street to 29 Congress. It was a very important move for us, and it was inspiring to have such loving and supportive families, friends, and neighbors along for the ride. We are starting to feel more settled here and are certainly loving the variety of new and old patrons who come by the new space. Todays post will be an ode to you all - a collection of our new (and my most favorite) thank you notes! We celebrate you today for all of the support, love, and special things that you have done for us! Thank you for everything... from the bottoms of our hearts!

(Photos courtesy of Jack and Lulu)

Strike GOLD! These flat notes from Jack & Lulu are sold in sets of 10 with matching gold-lined envelopes. With no particular greeting implied, these are the perfect thank-yous for tennis partners and salty-sailor men alike (or just for your favorite friends and family, whichever you prefer). Take advantage of these before it's too late, because goodness gracious they've been flying off the shelves!

(Photos courtesy of Smock)

These clever little folded note sets are from Smock and have all the details that you should look for when buying paper goodies: great color, simple design, and just a touch of whimsy. How could you resist that beautiful little beluga whale? Or the koi fish.... that fun little fishy can be paired with some faaabulous wrapping paper for you thank-you gift-giving fiends! All of these thank-yous are letterpress printed on bamboo paper, and sold in sets of 6 or 8 with stunning lined envelopes to match. Yup, we know. You don't have to tell us twice - TOO GOOD!

I apologize for the following - for two reasons. Apology the first: my pictures of these lovelies do not do them justice. Apology the second: these beautiful bumbles will change your thoughts on summer bugs forever. Trust me. Below are the MOST GORGEOUS notes from Cheree Berry. Please check out the site because the custom invitations that have been printed on these suckers are drool worthy. But of course, you could use these for thank-yous, or personal stationery, or whatever you like.

Talk about striking gold! I love these notes because the gilded details are slight but perfectly incorporated into the overall designs! So there it is - my enthusiasm for our latest thank-you possibilities at Gus & Ruby Letterpress. To all of you reading and to all of you who have had a part in the past and have pushed us towards are bright and shiny future -

THANKS! Hope to see you all very soon.
Much Love and HAPPY WEEKEND,


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    good luck in the new shop, it's lovely!