Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sharing is Caring!

Sharing is caring, isn't that always what your mama told you? Here's what I have to share today - because I care. I really do - always remember that :)

I worked today, did you?
Work today was good.
Hope your day was good too!

While I was working I was thinking about all sorts of good things - inspirational things - summery things - lovely things. Wanted to share with you some of the things that have bobbled around my head all day... hope you don't mind.

1. Yesterday was a record-breaking beautiful day - beautiful and fabulous and everything you could ask for in a New England summer day. While driving around in the beautifulness yesterday I was listening to Sheryl Crow's latest cd and dreaming about what Ray Lamontagne's new release will be like in August. Today I did the same thing - except today it was a bit cloudy. Guess what though?! Sheryl Crow sounded just as marvey today as she did yesterday! Don't even hesitate, this stuff is good for the soul and great to sing and swing along to!

2. Check out these little gems:

(Photos courtesy of Once Wed)

These are at the top of my to do list. They're for Whit's wedding if you're wondering... I'm just trying to decide a color scheme. I'm thinking a garland of vibrant summer yellow, white, rosy pink, salmony-orange and plummy purple. Any thoughts? Yeh, I know - so pretty!

3. At Gus & Ruby Letterpress we have been getting all sorts of goodies in the mail. Wanna see a few cuties? I'm going to send one of each to my boyfriend. You should come in and create a little package to send to someone special in your life - because who doesn't love snail mail and squirrelly love??

(Photos courtesy of Enormouschampion)

**Please Note: The bottom image depicts what we here at G&R call lovey dovey squirrels. Cut from sustainably harvested wood, these two are getting close over a sweet little red heart. Good for desk tops, bureaus, mantels, and window sills.

4. I have been wanting a lemon ricotta cookie from Ceres Street Bakery in a big way today. Sam went to Ceres Street this morning and much to our disappointment they were all out. I need a recipe - like ASAP - because those cookies are literally THE BEST! Put them in the fridge for 20 minutes or so and you've got a cool lemony treat.

5. While the cookies from #4 are both summery and lovely - this divine twine is too good to be true (and will not ruin my P90X routine). See below: 100% cotton twine in an assortment of luscious colors like petal pink and sunshine yellow. I used to be a curling ribbon fanatic - but cotton ribbon and twine have stolen my heart and taken it hostage. I could wrap up oodles of goodies in craft paper and little plastic baggies full of cookies and then tie bows around them with this twine! You could too!!

6. I am going to try to use my mother's sewing machine to make this dress. Think it's a possibility? Then Samantha, Whitney and I are going to figure out how many projects we can concoct that could involve sewing up paper goodies for the shop. Aren't you excited? I sure am!

(Photo courtesy of Anthropologie)

7. I miss this place. This is my favorite place to go in the summertime - one of the first places Fran and I visited with our good friends Rob & Erin (who are getting married there in October! Yippee!) I would like to recommend that you each visit this place at some point in your life - camp there, bike ride around the grounds, and eat popovers there with blueberry jam. See below pictures from the album: Camping in Acadia, Summer 2009

The lovebirds Rob & Erin on our awesome bike trip through Acadia

Rob and Fran, my boyfriend, dancing.
Fran does not normally wear his track shorts from 7th grade - this was a special occasion.

View from our campsite, ain't it lovely?

8. Have you ever owned a birthday calendar? If you're saying no right now - we need to have a birthday calendar intervention. Birthday calendars are great because they are super pretty to hang in your office, kitchen, or studio, and they help you keep track of birthdays by month. Once you own one of these handy dandies you'll never have a loved one's birthday sneak up on you again, and you'll never have to transfer birthdays from one year's planner to the next! And while you're getting one for you, grab one for your grammy. Trust me - she'll thank you. You can fill it out for her and everything! Awesome, right? We certainly think so. Check out this newbie we have in the store now from Linda & Harriet. It's letterpress printed too - in beautiful colors. Love. Love. Love.

(Photos courtesy of Linda & Harriet)

Hope my sharing has inspired you! Be sure to enjoy your weekend. We'll be at the store this
weekend Saturday 10 - 8pm and Sunday 10 - 6pm and will look forward to seeing your smiling

Sending you much love and the greatest of inspirational vibes,
Lizzy LooLoo

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