Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Friday evening and the sun has finally set on Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It was a lovely day today and downtown Porty was bustling with our favorite locals and visitors from afar. Thanks to everyone who swung by! I'd normally update you on product right about now... but instead I'm going to give you a little heads up for your weekend plans. Yesterday I put together a SALE table in the shop. Covered in all sorts of goodies, from note sets to fabulous J. Adler paper plates and nappys, we are sure you'll be able to find something special to take home. And at 20% OFF how could you resist really? Here's a pic to get your wheels a turnin'! Everything marked with a RED DOT is on sale. So come on by while the gettin's good... this is our end-of-our-first-year, happy-birthday-to-Gus&Ruby sale and it won't last long! YIPPEEEE!

Alright fine. Pull my leg why don't you! I guess I shouldn't break the trend of sharing sweet pics of newbies in the store that will make you shout "goodie goodie gumdrops" and "oo lala". But only because you begged and pleaded on your hands and knees and threatened to steal my falafel wrap!

Check this beauties out! Beautiful birdie prints for only $16 by Dutch Door Press.
I'd like one of each ;)

Oh, and one more thing! Uh... two more actually. Ta-Daaaaaaaa!

Yes, that is a metallic gold leather star hand stitched onto a white reclaimed sail bag with rope handles. Thank you Sea Bags, for both these images and for your initiative!

Big Hugs,

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